Monday, December 28, 2015

Conference Room Set Finished

So, finally finished the public edition of the conference room set and uploaded it.

Starship Conference Room B

And here is the text description:

A highly detailed starship interior, suitable for use as a conference room, observation lounge, or officers' mess hall.

All previews rendered in Cycles or Blender internal engines, with post-processing nodes. UV mapping only guaranteed in .blend, .obj, and .ma versions.


--Included 25,000 px across equirectangular background image (1080p version included for low ram)*

-- Included props: 2 types of meeting chairs, easy chairs, a conference room table with a built-in holographic projector, decorative plants and planters

-- UV unwrapped screens, ready for video textures

-- Optimized for physical based render engines like Cycles or Octane

-- Maya version includes scene hierarchy and primitive light set up. (See presentation image for Maya hierarchy set up.)

*Note: Blender scene is automatically set to 'GPU Render'. The background is extremely large and may exceed graphics RAM. If so, select 'CPU Render' in the Render settings, or switch to the lower resolution version of the background.

As usual, have fun!

This is the first time I've put up a triangulated mesh instead of one that tried to stick to quads as much as possible.  Which was a bit of a stressful thing, because tris are...well, rebellious at times, especially with UV unwrapping.  But I think it ended up okay.  I relied on triangles this time because of the modelling approach I did, which was much faster.  I figured that most people who purchase ready-made scene models like this aren't totally obsessed with topology.  We'll see how that goes...

It's also the first time I've uploaded a Maya version from the start.  I'm trying to go back and redo the older products to Maya, too.  But there are a lot of them, and converting them over to Maya can take the better part of two or three days, with all the elements that are in these scenes.  Ah, oh well. :)

So, I put this up here just in case someone on here might be interested in taking a look.

Hope everyone is doing well!

P.S.: And... as soon as I post this, Turbosquid goes down, thus killing my link! Isn't that just the way it works?  Well, hopefully they get the issues ironed out soon!


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