Monday, January 18, 2016

Adamant Command Center WIP Update

So, an update is in order for the Adamant's command center (CC).

So far, the majority of the heavy modelling is done.  But numerous details have to be added.


Most notably, the areas I think could use some love are the floor surfaces (which seem pretty low-fi compared to the rest of the room).  I'm thinking of adding some kind of visual appeal to them, although I'm not entirely certain what direction I want to go there.  I definitely would like to model some access panels and whatnot, in case maintenance has to be done on any equipment stored under the deck plating. It seems unlikely that the floor would be completely solid, without any access.

I was thinking of using boolean operations and simply cutting into the floor, due to the floor's poor geometry.  Or I may remodel the floor from scratch, but that would mean throwing away a lot of work. :(

The materials have gone back and forth, too.  They were originally polished metal, then went over to two-tone carpet, and now have gone back to polished metal.  Polished metal does look cool, but it shows up so many defects and flaws.  It also looks very drab and flat, so the floor is begging for detail greeble-y bits.  Problem is, it's a floor.  We don't want our poor crew tripping over their own floors while they're fighting off pirates. :D


Aft Section:

I'm going to tear out the aft consoles altogether, and may also take out those walls and add some kind of different design there, I'm not sure on a direction for that, yet, only that I'm not happy with that area of the bridge.  The aft corridor, of course, needs a great deal of love.  I'm completely in the dark about how to go about how I want to do a corridor for that.  I may decide on a mix of the Viminal, and the Adamant motifs, simply because that seems the most reasonable.

Front Section:

The front is my favorite part.  Those windows provide a nice, big view of space, which is the direction I wanted to go in.  So that's good.  The problem is, if you're going to show the crew's faces, then the camera is primarily going to be facing toward the aft. :\

Also, those panel details underneath the windows are screaming for some attention.  The color seems wrong, for one thing, and they could really use some attention to detail.  Some more little nooks and crannies are in order.

Color Scheme:


The room's color palette is very bland and gray right now.  I'm thinking the consoles will have some color to them, which will spice up the room a bit, visually.  But there's the fact that the Thrass do not see red.  Their vision is shifted into the ultraviolet range, so everything will have to be left of the red end of the visible light spectrum. I'm thinking yellows would be pushing it quite a bit.  That's a challenge... especially to come up with an alert color.  No "Red Alerts" on Thrassi spaceships, the crew would never see it coming.

The original Adamant's color scheme was quite beautiful.  It was a dark magenta / brown / tan combination with blue lighting.  The impact was quite pleasant to the eyes.  But it looked too "pretty".  Something that bothered me about Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) was that the ship's interiors were so beautiful.   This is, after all, a starship, not a luxury yacht. Now, I understand that Starfleet was more of a science expeditionary force than a peacekeeping organization (well, discounting Deep Space Nine, seasons 5 - 7).  My Thrassi Navy is a bit more like the U.S. Coast Guard than Star Trek's Starfleet.  So, grays and blues are probably the best option.  Finding the right color correction settings for the post-production may be the best option, instead of going in and changing the entire color treatment for the entire ship.


The defensive/weapons stations.  This is where the Palatine-class cruiser's massive destructive power is controlled from

Definitely going to finish out the consoles.  At first, I thought I was going to go the route of TNG, which had back-lit flat panels made of clear plastic.  But I think that's a bit too Trek for the direction I want to go in.  I'm going to go back and add buttons and sliders. This will have the advantage of adding visual interest and, depending on the color scheme of the buttons (note to self: no reds/oranges!), it should add some color interest, too.  Of course, it has the downside of adding even more geometry to an already substantial mesh... but oh well. I'm not making a game, here. :)
In addition to the button-y consoles, I was going to do holographic displays for at least two consoles:

The CED (pronounced "sed", rhymes with "bed").  Thrassi Palatine crews unofficially call this console "The Altar"

1.) The Central Engineering Display (CED, a.k.a. "The Altar", which is that table-like console in the aft).  The CED is the place where the engineer stands if he's on the command deck, to monitor all ship's systems.  There is an interactive holographic representation of the ship hovering over it.  The CED can also be configured to show mission specific things, like interactive maps of planets or star systems, if they wish.  I may change that and provide additional holotables like this one on port/starboard sides of the CC.

Two officers man the CONN.  A Chief Conning Officer (CCO) and an ensign who assists

2.) CONN.  The conning station (a.k.a. "helm"), where the ship's pilot actually flies the ship from, was originally going to have a hologram of the ship which can be manipulated via the conning officer's fingers.  I don't know if I'll keep that, but it's in the lore, and I wanted to keep faithful to it as much as possible.  So I may just put it in.

The issues with this, is that the model of the ship I have right now for the hologram is actually the real Adamant exterior model, with all the trimmings, sans the turrets and some minor details too small to see.  But it still is extremely heavy and was the cause of some serious crashes. :(

So it looks like I'll have to just use a simply stand-in for the Adamant holograms.  Of course, most of that work may be done in post anyway.

Command Chair:

The Big Chair.  The captain sits here

I'm happy with the command chair for the most part, but the area around it could use some love.  The floor, again, is pretty flat and boring, and the stanchions around it are pretty drab and flat.  I may adjust the materials on those.  The floor really needs some care.  It's embarrassing to show this. :(

And here is a overview of the Command Deck Complex so far:

It fits pretty well inside the upper deck of the Adamant...

So, that's the update.  Pretty wordy and I apologize. :(

Hope everyone is doing well!


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Your One-Stop Shop for all SSC Adamant Renders

Nothing new, really.  Just did up some renders for Art Station, so I'll put them here, too.

And all the Adamant videos thusfar:

Hope everyone is having a good day.


Friday, January 8, 2016

Adamant Command Deck Modelling

Command Deck for the Adamant still under construction.  Loads of details to add, and I'm not sure about that ceiling...

And beginning the lighting test.  Will need to put some more highlights in it.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Adamant Command Deck Concept

Concept work beginning on the Palatine-class Adamant's command center.

I recently was asked via email why I didn't have more starship "bridge" sets.  The answer, in a nutshell, is command centers/bridges are stinking difficult to concept and finish out.  I always run out of steam before they're completed.  But, seeing as there's a significant lack in my portfolio for suitable command decks, I decided to move to the Adamant's Command Center.

SIDE NOTE: I kind of don't like the term "bridge" to describe a starship command center, for the simple reason that that level of retention of naval etymology really seems silly in a far advanced society.  I doubt that the Thrass, an alien race, would have had the same word etymology for their naval traditions as humans do.

In the case of the naval ships having a command deck called a "bridge", it is called that because originally an ocean going vessel had literally a raised platform which connected the wheelhouse with another part of the super structure of the ship, and it was called the bridge.  It stuck from then on.  Why a starship so far in the future would still have its command center called a bridge, I don't know.  But oh well...anyway, enough of that silliness.

Consoles.  Starting with the consoles this time, because they're the most challenging aspects of bridge designs.

Placement.  I knew the command center of the ship would be near the front, inside a heavily armored portion, with some bunker style windows looking out.  I've got to put the general placement of the various split levels.  I know I want the captain's chair and the aft sections to be raised up, with a lower level toward the front where the various lower hands operate their various stations.

Here, I simply mirrored the finished conference room to show where the captain's cabin would be.  The conference room is on the port side, the room with the table.  The captain's cabin will be somewhat adjusted to accommodate an office/ready room area and a partitioned private sleeping area for him.

The command deck itself will have three window banks at the front, with possible duty stations along the sides where there are no windows.  A central corridor will provide access from the back.  All in all, we're looking at a pretty spacious command center which should be able to house five or six duty stations comfortably.




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