Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Early Commission Work

Hey all,

Just wanted to share this.  I made a spaceship for a guy a few years back and he's released the movie just recently.  Seth was super cool to work with, and this ended up sending me on a secular career I really enjoy.  He made a V-Log to talk about the film, Dust, which was a sort of sci-fi drama.  I didn't do much on the film.  Seth's already a really amazing digital artist--whether he's aware of it or not--and so all I did was use Blender to build out and render a spaceship for him.  It's very rudimentary by today's standards, and I've learned a lot since then, but I suppose it was nice to see my work in there.  I hope my work didn't take down the otherwise pretty slick work he did on it!


Saturday, September 5, 2015

More Gingerbreed Work

More work done for the awesome guys over at HiFi3d.

No shading this time, unfortunately, but just geometry.  A beleaguered space colony.

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