Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Escort Tactics of the Republic

The original intention of the Palatine cruiser was to have it like the starship Enterprise from Star Trek, in that these starships operate more or less without escort and are solo most of the time, just cruising around and cataloguing star systems.

Then I discovered that while the Lathkos Sector universe I created is not as militaristic as, say, Battlestar: Galactica or Star Wars, these ships are very much still military assets and would require escort, considering they're huge investments.  Plus, if one ship is cool on screen, how much cooler is multiple ships all maneuvering in formation?

And, of course, it also gives a ridiculous excuse to show these ships in comparison to each other.  Size comparison is a very important way human beings denote importance, as well as become more familiar with objects.

All of this destructive power in this small tactical group is under the command of one man, the captain of the lead ship, in this case, Adamant.  There is little wonder that captains of Palatine cruisers are known for their serious, almost solemn personalities.

Smiles and joviality aren't really an option when you're controlling a platform with enough fire power to obliterate a planet flying at 10,000 meters per second.



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