Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Craig Stuart Garfinkle

New music for Plagarus.  In addition to the Amotz Plessner piece (which receives multiple uses throughout the film), another signature tune I purchased rights to recently was from another pretty big heavyweight in the music industry, Craig Stuart Garfinkle.  He has composed work for video games, film and TV. 

The piece I bought fits pretty well with a particularly dark part of Plagarus just before an intense action sequence breaks out.  Hopefully the effect will work like I have in mind.

We'll have to see.

I have also finished upgrading my computer.  It's now pretty much maxed out and can't be upgraded anymore.  Because of this, I figure I've got two to four more years on this machine before complete replacement.

The upgrades:

16 gb of RAM.
New solid state drive for the OS.
New storage hard disk.
New graphics card. An nVidia GTX560TI 2 gb monster.

The graphics card is the big one.  I can now GPU render using Cycles in Blender.  This will slash render times into fractions, and I can produce more shots quicker that way.  Interestingly, I can now also render two scenes at once.  One scene can be rendering on the CPU and another on the GPU.  This should make life much easier. =D

So, yes.  Plagarus is on the roll. =)  Part II is probably going to expand a bit, because right now it's quite paltry and needs help.

Have a great day, everyone!



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