Friday, November 2, 2012

Characters for New Film Project

One of my favorite things to do is character development.  I've been thinking of a short film that will happen after Plagarus.

Drannica. =) Yes, almost all of my movie titles are just one word.  And they're usually planets, for some reason. =D

Some characters. (And a couple of familiar faces, if you've seen Plagarus!)

Captain Lostra (Or Lolstra, depending on my mood.)

Ah, good old Asitus.  She's not your typical Isus.  She's sly, sarcastic and never takes much seriously.  She and Lethgoshis really don't get along.  A vagrant Isus, by the way, is very strange, if you know much about the typically stalwart and enigmatic species. (Yes, she is glowing.  She's an Us. =) )

Best buddies.  Lethgoshis, a typical Isus (he's an Is), is over 7 feet tall (Asitus is the same height, more or less).  Padoen, on the other hand, was stunted by his mother's drug abuse while she was carrying him.  He's just over 5 feet tall.  After Plagarus, the two friends start a small two-man mercenary business and they travel the Thrassi Republic looking for odd jobs to support themselves.  Lethgoshis has basically taken it upon himself to care for and protect Titus.  It's the bodyguard in him.

Still working on a couple of other characters which will appear in the movie.  But besides these four, there's just the first mate, the helm officer and another Isus bit character!

That's it.



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