Monday, March 31, 2014

Adamant Fly-By Test and The 20 Palatine Cruisers

Just a basic fly-by of the star cruiser Adamant.  Minimal post-processing.

Testing out the engine sound design for the starship Adamant, as well as working on lighting and fixing up various technical details on the model.  Probably nearing the end for this project. I've got a few more details to hammer out, as well as simplify some of the invisible geometry.  Basically, just the fine details, now.

Sounds are a mix of several sound effects released under Creative Commons from  

Attribution credits:

Matt G - Huge Spaceship Pass (30346)
Melissa Pons - Whoosh Motron Very Low (171588)
Hykenfreak - Deep Space Ship Effect (214663)

Size comparison of main sub-light engine:



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