Monday, February 10, 2014

Plagarus Voice Recording Tomorrow

So, finally getting around to recording the vocal audio with a friend of mine who is an audio artist (also named Dan!) tomorrow evening.  Hopefully it turns out we get most of the dialogue recorded.

This is the proposed ending spot for tomorrow!

His sound equipment is far superior to mine (which consists of a USB microphone, which I used to record Part I of the movie).  He also is a college student in audio with experience in vocal recording, so it should be good.  I think the main problem will be getting the performance to be better than the first time around, as there is a load of more voice acting in this one, including more nuanced scenes.

Many thanks to #1 Dan for his help.

Meanwhile, in preparation, I'm blocking out the scene and the placement of characters in it.  Suffering from severe lighting issues with the characters (the set is overblown and too flatly lit and the characters are too dark), so I'll probably work tonight on getting them with a lighting set-up of their own which is separate from the room around them.

Oh well, guess this project won't let me take the lazy route, will it?

Room = too bright! Characters = too dark! All around = too flat and overexposed!
Another angle = same problems.

Hope you're all doing awesome.


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