Friday, January 31, 2014

New Nem Gate Work

New modelling work I've been doing for the film Nem Gate.

Modular corridor sets.  Client specifically asked if the corridor could be kept as modular as possible so that it can be possibly reused or set up differently, depending on the scene's requirements.

Conceptualizing some technical control consoles.  Modelling has gotten quick enough that I can concept out work in complex 3D in much shorter periods of time than it used to require.  Usually is good if you can give the client some choice in the matter.  Whichever isn't chosen, I will store in my own library so I can easily incorporate it into my own work.

Work still very much in progress on the scanning machine.  Notice the lack of supports for the scanner bars and the lack of symmetry on some parts.  Still work to be done.

Items which require interaction with real life people are extremely touchy and need to be done pretty much according to how the original plates were filmed.  This can be one of the most time consuming aspects of the process.



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