Thursday, March 22, 2012

Amotz Plessner

The movie is starting to come together faster, now, as character animation is almost done for the first part of the film. =D

I've settled on a soundtrack for the picture, but I'm still wondering if I should include some kind of musical cue for the opening of the film, or leave it as effects only.

I got the music from  The song is called War and Hope and can be listened to here.  It was composed by a guy named Amotz Plessner, who has done some impressive music in some pretty high end material.  I can select parts of the song that I want to hear and toss other parts, and even set the lead instrument to be used, in this case, favoring the violin lead instead of the voice.

Needless to say, things are looking good for the movie to be done by this time next week. =D

I changed the opening title, and am still not happy with it. =(

 Title sequences are hard to do, because they have to be visually compelling, but also easy to read for the audience. It's a real struggle!



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