Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Adamant Work Nearly Done

Just a little post today, showing work done so far on the Adamant refit.  Got the new warp winglet pods animated and ready.  I also bit the bullet and completely remodeled the wings and the thruster pods on the wings, as the curvature was a bit funky. 

"Reduce speed, bring us out of warp." -- Every nerd sitting in the bathroom at one point or another in their lives...
The ship's mesh is extremely heavy, now...3.4 million faces. :|  I've got to bring that down considerably.  The gun turrets add a whole 1.5 - 2 million faces by themselves.  Alas, it can't be helped.  Reducing back faces on the extruded hull plates will help somewhat.  The finalized mesh will probably use triangular faces because of the difficulties of combining quads with tris.

She's a beauty, even unoptimized :)

The new cowlings over the aft wing thrusters are purposely drawn back and less obtrusive so they can show the thrust nozzles more prominently.

Pretty much all that's left is finishing out some minor details, killing backfaces, creating the new interiors of the main sublight engines, animating those, and finishing out the forward deflector dish.  Then she'll be in great shape for film!


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